Beijing Tianyu oasis Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, formerly known as Beijing Tianyu Furniture Co., Ltd. (founded in 1993)

The company is equipped with a complete set of solid wood furniture manufacturing machinery, and has a group of professional technical personnel


Companies adhere to the "customer satisfaction" as the first goal, always put the needs of customers in the first place

Fully tap the potential of enterprises, and constantly meet the needs of the community, to serve the community


Your satisfaction, our goal!


1979 →

Contact furniture production

1980 →

In Harbin to the customer to do manual furniture in the local fire and a short supply

1992 →

Came to Beijing founded the first company Beijing Tianyu Furniture Co., Ltd., the main civilian furniture

1996 →

Should be the development of the market needs to do the transformation of hotel furniture, and in the year was awarded the first prize in Peking Hotel furniture design

2006 →

Founded second companies Beijing Tianyu oasis Furniture Co., Ltd., the main star of more than four hotel furniture, high-end custom villas and other projects, customers face the country, and even the world. Hotel Directory The new Hualian Group Suofeite Hotel, Shandong sea group's hotels, The Point Inn Suites, etc. are using our products

2008-2016 →

The most Chinese certificate, furniture painting design competition authority of the outstanding effect on the surface of Chinese in ten provinces of two O O environmental protection certificate, Chinese famous brand furniture industry in eighteen provinces and cities two 00 nine year certificate of credit enterprise fifth Chinese (Beijing) furniture exhibition design award, the Sixth China (Beijing) furniture exhibition design, seventh silver Chinese (Beijing) furniture exhibition design eighth gold medal China (Beijing) furniture exhibition design prize, executive vice president of the Beijing Furniture Association certificate, business integrity demonstration unit certificate, the contract and trustworthy enterprise certificate and service quality certificate, credit certificate, SME entrepreneurs integrity 100 certificate, Beijing Furniture Association, the most valuable force enterprise certificate.

February 2017 →

Jiangsu production base was formally established and put into production

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